Smartwatch Technology…Who will capture the market first?


As consumers continually wait for the anticipated smart watch to emerge from Apple, rumors are now spreading that Samsung is also in the race.  As Apple’s biggest competitor in the Smart Phone Market, Samsung has stated that they have been in their labs devising a plan to create the next highly contested gizmo in the industry.

In the past, a wristwatch was merely a simple device that told the time, but now several big players such as Google and Microsoft along with Apple and now Samsung are introducing much more than timepieces.

Though no company has provide a deep dive in what their product will be doing, Its exciting as a consumer to see if these big rig companies can make smaller devices with the same functionalities as  the tablets and smart phone do now.

Some key highlights of the advanced watches in their time were Casio’s calculator watch in the 80s, the heart rate monitors for fitness in the 90s, and more recently the Wimm One Watch, that gets updates from WiFi on the hour; the MetaWatch, that allows its wearers to get email and SMS alerts; and Sony’s SmartWatches that offers applications for music, emails and browsing social updates.



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