Best First Date – Where to start to minimize anxiety and stress on a first date

Breathe…. Kudos to you for taking the dive! If you’re ready to try dating in today’s, stressful, nerve-wrecking, dating pool society, then a great place to start is by applying the following to your date: Simplicity, fun and a casual setting. You’ve probably heard the saying “Keep It Simple” from somewhere before in one form or another. It refers to not over thinking the process of the date by having so much stuff planned that you lose track of the opportunity to get to know your date. That’s where we come in.

You got the date, now you need a place that’s says you’re not a creeper or complicated. Better yet a place to get away if you’re date is a creeper and or complicated. You want a few options on locations that makes a good impression on the other person, but not on your wallet. To help with that, we recommend a few places to get you through that memorable or “memorable” first date, if you know what I mean.

The Park

man carrying woman standing on the ground and surrounded by grass
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Going to the park that’s easy for both of you to meet at is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a great location if you prefer to have your first date in the day time. You can sit on the bench or under a shaded tree and look at the water fountain (if that park has one). You can also go for a walk, or go to the playground and sit on the swing. The park is great because nature has a way of helping us feel relaxed, calm and in tune with our senses. If that’s not your thing or you prefer a more modern but classic place for your first date, you can go to a….

Coffee Shop

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Ideal for a low-key location if you’re not too sure about the other person or vice versa. Like the park, this is a great location for a first date in the day time, but can be fun at night because of its casual setting. Because it’s typically inexpensive, it can help reduce the pressure of forcing to like each other to get your money’s worth. For certain individuals, especially if they’re being cautious, may like the crowd and feel more secure and comfortable in that setting. Plus, it has good ambiance. If you don’t drink coffee or not much of an outdoors person, you can also go to….

An arcade

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Playing games can be a great ice breaker because they’re light and playful, and can take the anxiety out of not knowing what to say or how to act. Because of this, an arcade may be a potential good place for a first date. The key, is to enjoy the games TOGETHER. Look for co-op games like House of the Dead, or Time Crisis. And If you’re feeling a little competitive, games like skee-ball, basketball shootout, and air hockey are also fun. It’s ok to be competitive, but don’t be too serious. You don’t have to be really good at the games to have fun. Beating your date on all games is definitely not a good look. No one wants to go on a second date with someone who’s primary focus on the date is all about themselves. Relax and use the games as props to engage conversation with your date and have a good time.

Now that you have a few suggested places, we want to leave you with a small pep talk. Be yourself. Don’t over think it or try to be someone else in the date. It’s who that person is looking for. Trying to fake it, will get you caught and potentially lose out on a second date.  Be confident. People are drawn to those who believe in themselves. And finally, learn to be a good listener. Listening to what your date says during your conversation is a great way to learn about what they’re into. Now go and have a great time!

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