Growing together as a couple

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At some point in your relationship, there will come a time when the initial concept of dating will transform into something more meaningful for you and your partner. Between that time, you’ll have a deep conversation about the importance of learning to grow together. But what does that mean really? According to Psychology Today growing together means having a partner to help support and uplift one another during difficult challenges in your journey together. In addition, growing with partner offers benefits to your mental and physical well-being that would otherwise be more difficult on your own.

Some of the benefits to your mentally include:

  1. Stability & Security when dealing with the uncertainty that life offers
  2. Constant Support that helps motivate you to be better by seeing it through your partner’s perspective
  3. Physical representation of someone by your corner acts as a deterrent to fear and provides you with a piece of mind that you’re not alone

Some of the physical benefits include:

  1. Reduces of passing or carrying a sexually transmitted disease
  2. More likely stay healthy for the sake of each other
  3. Stress reduction based on activities you enjoy together such as sex, exercises, and any other physical activities

Growing together offers you and your partner the chance to live your life with someone you that understands you, your dreams, and your goals. It’s something that we all hope to have, and should be something we cherish and hold dear in our hearts.

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