Steam Facial at Home

dyi steam facial

One of the wonderful perks about going to the spa is the steam sauna, a steam bath, or a steam facial. It feels tingling and refreshing after receiving that steam on your face with the massage and moisturizer, even better, during the process your breathing gets better as your sinus clears up. Here’s a way to get the same results from the comfort of home.

Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry. In a bowl soak a small washcloth in hot water, (water hot enough that you can withstand but will not burn you!) lay back and place the drenched towel over your face for a couple of minutes or for as long as you can stay comfortable. Place the towel back in the basin, and apply your favorite mild moisturizer on your face. Do another round and place the damp towel over your face for as long as it feels comfortable. Gently pat dry your face with a clean towel or face tissue. In a cotton ball add some mild toner or light moisturizer.

Doing steam facials can aggravate the skin if it is acne prone or sensitive. If irritation occurs stop the treatment immediately. Like any other skin therapy or regimen it should be done consistently. As for a steam facial, once a week is suitable.

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