Is it time to change out your wardrobe?

With daylight savings time (DST) right around the corner, it’s time once again to swap out our wardrobe to fit the season.  Away with the winter coats and heavy sweaters for a lighter tops and bottoms.  Storefronts and online retail stores piling up thousands of styles to match your every day consumer.  I am no fashion guru, I leave that to all the experts who writes articles for those magazines.  But what I do know is that we are at the age where your clothes help define the kind of person you are representing to the world.  Regardless of what you’re into, having the right apparel can motivate you to do great things.  From finding the next great career to becoming a cross fit  athlete, we feel better when we are in the right state of mind.  That’s what this article is really about.  I am not telling you to buy $500 worth of new clothes, but making minor additions to your closet can be a wonderful way to jump start that thought of pursuing your goal.Image

From sports clothing to work wear and everything in between, the internet has provide us a great way to view everything we need in a click of a button.  Below are my recommended sites to checkout for all sorts of wardrobe replacement if you have not already done so.

  • – This is your one stop shop for everything from comfortable house wear to James Bond 007
  • – Great place for guys to shop clothes for newest trends
  • – a great stylish place for the average girl/woman
  • – Go here if you live life outdoors. Free shipping for purchases over $50
  • – Free shipping & Free returns on all purchases with a variety of apparel/shoes from A-Z


Fitness motivation through the use of technology

For most of us, technology plays a big part on our day to day activities.  You would think that in the year 2013, we would have it all by now based on movies and sitcoms we watched like “Back to the Future & Star Trek”.  Don’t get me wrong, technology is definitely faster than how it was a decade ago.  Yet as fast as it’s moving, we are no where near the age where we have a “Magic Button” that will give us the body we want in instantaneously.


The good news is we are definitely using it more to track our progress, get the encouragement and feedback from others, and provide music depending on our workout routine to help us stay motivated.

I read an article (it’s a bit old) from this really great website called that talks about women using technology to inform their friends on the status of their weight loss.

I am a believer that with the right mix of mental toughness, consistency and support, anyone can transform their body.  Below is a list of items on how technology can help you stay motivated:

1-      Post your goals in social media– Regardless if you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, My Space, etc, you can gain supporters just by taking the first step to post what you’re trying to accomplish.  From a 5k to a Marathon, to losing pounds or building muscle, keeping everyone updated on your status is a sure way to stick to a goal.

2-      Keep an online diary (blog) – Having a timeline on what workouts you did on a specific date will allow people to see your progression.  This is key; it’s like reading a book or watching a daily/weekly show where those following you are anticipating your updated results.

3-      Join a virtual group – Being part of a group that does activities similar to yours is a great way to stay motivated to exercise.  You comment on how good they are doing or their recent pictures and you can do the same.  This allows you to maintain what I call a “link or connection” with others who have the same mindset as you.

4-      Turn your phone to a coach – if you are one of the millions of people who have converted to a smart phone, you’re in luck! Most phones have access through millions of applications you can download for coaching tips on exercise routines.  This is great if you are at the gym and need a digital trainer to tell you how many more reps or sets you need to do, or how much time you have left before that workout is finished.

5-       Posting pictures of the food you eat – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this, but it does work.  By posting your pre and post workout meals, shakes, etc.  You show your others how you take care of your body.  We all know that fitness is 2 parts (Exercise and Nutrition), if you only do one, you’re not giving yourself the best chance to reach your goal at an optimum peak.

6-      Plan your workout – Gone are the days when a person brings a folder or binder with them to the gym to check off the workouts they just finished.  Just Kidding, I still see plenty of people doing this.  But why haul a binder around when you can just upload it to your notes or tasks in your smart phones.  Make your life easy; don’t carry so many things that you may just forget it accidentally in the gym or outdoors.

Regardless if we are a fitness monster or just starting out, we all can use a little motivation.  By using technology to spread the word of our progress to fitness success, we inspire each other to get out and get active.


Laugh a little next time your in Las Vegas with Marc Savard Comedy Hypnotist

The next time you visit Las Vegas, spend a night watching a very funny comedian hypnotist by the name of Marc Savard. He is currently performing a nightly act in the V Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas Blvd.
I have had the pleasure of watching his show, and though I do not want to spoil any surprises what I can tell you is you absolutely laugh your butt off. It may not make you a believer, but it’s definitely worth adding to your list of to dos in Vegas.
BIO About Marc:
Self-taught and starring on stage as the world’s youngest professional hypnotist, Marc mastered the art of mesmerizing people at 19. By 21 Marc was appearing in over 200 stage shows internationally. At 23, he was fighting for his life.

Hit head on by a drunk driver and left with a broken back and fractured skull, Marc was forced to leave the stage and turn his hypnotism skills on himself. Marc not only defied his doctors grim prognosis by making a rapid and complete recovery, he left them in awe by controlling his pain with mind power instead of medication. Within six months of his crash, Marc was back onstage performing with a passion for life that comes from being so close to death.

Getting Fit for the Busy Person


Let’s face it; most of us work for a living.  Aside from that we have other things to consider like school, family, and for many another income. This makes exercising for many of us a part time of what little time we have left.

It’s hard to believe, but there are indeed a few moments of the day that you can invest in your health and fitness. I would be lying if I told you that it’s simple or easy, but remember that sometimes all it takes is the “First Step”.  Below are some tips you can use to fitting exercise into your busy day thanks to Fitness for one and all (

Goal for it. Set short-term and long-term goals. A short-term goal could be starting from scratch and adding a minute a day to your exercise regimen. A long-term goal could be losing weight or lowering your blood pressure.

Break it up. Exercise doesn’t have to be structured. Busy people can get much the same benefits when they exercise in bits and pieces throughout the day as when they work out in one block of time.

Avoid the all-or-nothing trap. If circumstances prevent you from doing everything you planned for the day, do what you can and don’t worry about it. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities to exercise.

Be realistic. Don’t focus on exercises you find unpleasant or uncomfortable. Choosing activities you enjoy will help you stick with your program. Such as Zumba, Hip Hop, Cross-fit, etc.

There are ways to take a creative approach in your exercise if you just don’t have time to go to the gym.

Use stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. When at home, climb to the second floor as often as possible. For variety, take the stairs two at a time, or step up the pace.

Walk when you can. Park an extra block from your destination or at the rear of the parking lot. Look for the longest, rather than the shortest, route.

Learn a new sport. Take golf, tennis, or racquetball lessons.

Join groups that are active. Groups like mall walkers, hikers, or bicyclists.


Will Sony be a success with the upcoming PS4?


If you are console gamer and haven’t heard the latest and greatest, Sony has announced that they will be coming out with the new PS4 9 months before its release.  An article from Peter Suciu from TechNewsWorld states that Sony has promises that the PS4 to be a far more robust machine than its predecessors.

“The system is built on a PC chipset, so it will be far easier to develop for,” Pachter told TechNewsWorld. “Easier means lower cost, and lower cost presumably means more content.”

The system could be friendlier to smaller developers as well, and that could help ease concerns over the lack of compatibility with the existing software library.

“The nice thing about using the x86 platform is they can get a lot of code from the Open Source Linux world and don’t need to do all of the heavy lifting themselves to do major parts of this,” said Enderle. “They could also do drivers for some of the hardware, but it sounds like they may have decided not to in order to increase accessory revenue and avoid reliability problems.”

However with all the great news about this new console (that is not available until the holidays), there are speculations that the PS4 may not be backwards compatible with the PS3 Games.

Its important to keep in mind that the PS3 has an install base of about 77 million, it is unlikely Sony will stop supporting its aging console anytime soon. However, what isn’t clear is which PS3 software — whether discs or PlayStation Network purchases — will actually work on the PS4.

“Lack of backward compatibility means PS4 will not play PS3 games,” said Michael Pachter, managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities. However, “there is no issue with PSN titles — those are downloads.”

Would this be something you would want to purchase if there is a probable chance that your games from prior consoles may not work? Maybe Sony is just saying that to scare its current consumer base to migrate their current games in a cloud base so hard copies will no longer be required.

Regardless, it should be interesting to see how Sony will drive their current loyal consumer base.