Hotel Room Workout Routines

To follow up on my post “Getting fit for the busy person”, we understand that life requires us to travel.  Regardless if it’s for business or pleasure, hitting the road means that your routine workout may be thrown off a bit.  Below is a list of things you can do in the hotel room, and its surrounding areas to keep you in shape while being on the go.


These workouts are designed for both Guys & Gals.  It just depends on your intensity level

2hand suitcase squat – Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bear-hug your suitcase to your chest. Push your hips back and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.  3 sets of 8-10 reps

Pushup/Mountain Climbers/Suicide Drill – 4-6 standard pushups / knee pushups then get on the plank position with your hands parallel to your shoulders.  Drive your knee to your chest and return it to the starting position.  Alternate legs and pretend you are trying to climb a mountain.  8-10 total counts.  Then move your lets to where your hands are and either jump up or stand up with you arms over your head.  When you get back down, get on a push up position and repeat the steps again.  3-4 times

2hand suitcase hammer curls – Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold each side of the suitcase with your palms.  Curl the suitcase up towards your face until your biceps contract.  Hold for 1 sec and let it drop slowly and repeat.  Depending on the weight of the suitcase, do 3 sets 8-12 repetitions.

V Pushups – Start with your hands on the ground, shoulder width apart. The main difference between with V push up is you are going to place your hands in front of your head instead of below your chest. You will also bring your feet closer in so that your body is in a “V” position—similar to the “downward facing dog” pose in yoga.

Once in the start position, slowly lower your upper body down to floor keeping your head between your arms. Lower your head just before it touches the ground the push back up as your breath out. Try to keep your back and feet as straight as possible. 3 sets 8-12 reps

Alternating Lunges – Start with your hands on your hips with your feet shoulder width apart.  Take a step forward and slowly drop with your back knee getting as low to the ground as possible while your front knee bending down to a 90 degree angle.  Step back and do a reverse lunge, this time your back knee (which is now your front knee) bends to a 90 degree while your other knee tries to get as low to the ground as possible.  2-3 sets -8-10 repetitions.

Jumping Jacks – Stand with your arms at your sides. Be sure your feet are straight and close together. Hold your head straight, but in a comfortable position to avoid strain. Bend your knees. Jump up while spreading your arms and legs at the same time. Lift your arms to your ears and open your feet to a little wider than shoulder width. This should all be done in a fast fluid movement. Clap or touch your hands above your head. As you return from jumping up bring your arms back down to your sides and at the same time bring your feet back together. 40-50 repetitions

Abs and Core workouts

Bridge on elbows – lie flat on the floor face down in a starting push up position. Support your body on your elbows and feet. Hold this position keeping your body rigid like a board and flexing your abs tight. Beginners hold for 30 seconds working up to a minute as you become stronger

Bridge on hands – lie flat on the floor face down in a starting push up position. Support your body on your hands and feet. Hold this position keeping your body rigid like a board flexing your abs tight. Beginners hold for 30 seconds working up to a minute as you become stronger

Side Plank – lie in on the floor on your side. Support your body with one hand and on your feet keeping your body rigid like a plank. Do this on both sides for an equal length of time. Beginners hold for 30 seconds working up to a minute as you become stronger.

Lying leg raise – lie on your back with your hands underneath your lower back. With our legs extended raise them a 3-4 inches off the ground, hold this position for a 10 count and repeat 4 times.

Seated leg raises – sitting on a couch or chair slide your butt to the edge and support yourself with your hands at your sides, legs straight feet on the ground. Raise them off the ground until they are parallel with the ground. Do 20 reps for 4 sets.


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Date Night Ideas

Is it that time of the year? If you’re in a relationship or courting someone with the goal of being in a relationship, we know the importance of having a great “Date Night” experience.  It’s like playing a video game or crossword puzzle where the objective is to put it altogether or accomplish the stage for another opportunity.  If you run out of ideas, use any or all of the ones below to help you create a fun experience that your partner will remember you for.


  • Take a Dance Lesson together – If you’re the spontaneous type, show them what skills you may or may not have
  • Triathloning Activities – This doesn’t mean go swim, bike and run.  Instead do 3 events that you both feel your good at and compete such as basketball shootout, target shooting, dance dance revolution, etc.
  • Eat at home – Save $$$ by dumping out the going out and eating idea.  Instead, make the date night more relaxing by making your date dinner at home.
  • Getting Physical – No don’t hit your partner, I meant doing physical exercises together.  Things like Zumba, P90X or even Crossfit is a good way to see the athletic side of your partner.
  • Go Sight Seeing – Dates don’t have to be expensive.  Take them for a stroll around the city or park.  Enjoy the scene and take your time.  You might be amazed to see how romantic this may be.
  • Take them to Open Water – Ever had the chance to watch the Sunset by a Lake, River or Ocean? It’s a beautiful scene.  Great way to end a date or start one.
  • Watch an Improv or Comedy Show – No idea on what to do to make the night memorable, well have someone else do it.  Making a person laugh, they become more relaxed and willing to enjoy the date.
  • Take them to a wine or beer tour – Not only will you learn something, but you can remove the guilt trip of drinking earlier in the day.
  • Grab a tale at the book store – Sure you already have a Nook, Kindle or IPAD that does that.  But having an actual book and starting a conversation about what you and your partner have read is a great way to ignite past memories and create new ones.
  • Cuddle by the fire – If your house has a fireplace, this is the time to use it.  Talk about how you guys first met or past horror stories that are funny to talk about now while being in a dark place with just the fire burning out.
  • Instagram your date – If you see something funny snap a picture of it.  Been somewhere cool or new, snap a picture.  Post it and Whalla!! Instant album of your date night.
  • Drive In Movie Night – Back in the days these were the way to go when you want to do something romantic.  A little bit of old school tactics are never a bad thing when trying to impress your date.
  • Check out the Carnival – Win them a prize or beat them to get one.  End your night with some cotton candy and a ride on the Ferris wheel.
  • Check out the Nightclub – Show off your MC Hammer or Lord of the Dance.
  • Serenade them – If you can play an instrument or sing well enough. Sing them their favorite song or album to show how much you care and pay attention.
  • Check out something New – If you have never been to a museum or gallery, def go and see one.  It’s a great way to learn new things about artist, history or anatomy.
  • Check off your list of “Always wanted to dos” – If you’re the type of person who has made a list of things to do before you die, get married, etc.  Take your partner on a few of them to share a memory.
  • Hit the Road – Go on a mini road trip to see neighboring cities and states.  That way you will always remember that you were there along with the things you did.
  • Morning Movie Date – It’s cheaper, and allows you to do more things throughout your day.
  • Picnic at the park – great way to keep it casual and romantic
  • Join an event together – Try a 5k, Mud Run or even a Color run to bring out the sporty side of your partner
  • Hit the board games – If you’re tired of going out and spending a ton of cash, get a board game together and play like you were kids
  • Conquer a mountain – Go for a hike or camp overnight.  Great way to enjoy each other’s company with Mother Nature.
  • Go to a Spa – Nothing’s wrong with getting some TLC once in a while.. or twice in a while.. or even 3 times in a while.. if that makes any sense
  • Last Minute Surprise – Take your mate on an unscheduled vacation anywhere.  It’s a wonderful way of showing your on the fly personality.


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The 60% Solution to Saving & Spending your $$$


Unless you’re born into money, society has taught us as adult that the name of the game is spending within your budget.  However the hardest part is figuring out how to set your finances to allow you to use just 60% vs. the full amount. Below are the committed expenses that is unavoidable; if the 40% is unrealistic, then you can raise it to 70%-80% to better fit your lifestyle.

  • Basic food and clothing needs.
  • Essential household expenses.
  • Insurance premiums.
  • Charitable contributions.
  • All of our bills — even such nonessentials as our satellite TV service.
  • All of our taxes.

So now depending on if you chose 60% as your median, there are 4 sections that you can use disperse your savings.

401 K – This can/should be automatically pulled out.  Remember that this is your retirement savings plan so unless it’s an emergency, don’t pull the money out early (i.e. before 59 ½).  Most companies does offer a matching program from at least 1%-5% with some matching at a higher percentage.

IRA/Roth IRA/Mutual Funds – Like our SSN funds, it’s hard to just rely on one asset when you retire.  Setting another form of investment that gains decent interest in the next 20-30 years can essentially give you the better than average lifestyle.  If you are not an expert at managing any of the 3, then I would recommend seeking a professional through your bank, or financial experts from a well known organization in your area.

Emergency/Vacation Plan – While saving for the long term is very important, don’t forget that things around your house may need repairs or replacement.  Going on vacation is also a great way to save your sanity.  All work and no play makes for a very long year, and treating yourself and your loved ones is a good way to strengthen your bonds.  Just have this pulled directly to another account from your check so you don’t see it until the monthly balance after 30-90 days.

Spending Money – The great part about this last one is you can spend it on anything as long as it doesn’t go past the 10% you set (depending on the amount you are setting this can vary).

Now if you’re asking yourself the question “Well I can’t just put away 40% of my check, we won’t be able to survive.” Below are potentially some factors that may hold you back:

  • You have a more expensive home than you can afford.
  • You’ve committed to car or boat payments that are larger than you can afford.
  • Your children are in a private school that you can’t really afford.
  • There’s just a big, ugly gap between your income and your lifestyle.

My recommendation is to try it at 70%-80% (Giving yourself 20%30 savings money to start) at first until you are able to lower your expenses.  It may not seem easy at first, but by making the necessary adjustments it will pay off in the long run.  Making the necessary adjustments will allow you to put a cap on your unnecessary expenses.

The real secret to building a budget that works isn’t tracking what you spend, but creating a sustainable structure for your finances. Balancing your spending and income and that leaves enough room to handle the unexpected things that life throws our way.


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Angry Birds teams up with NASA to teach kids about Math and Physics

For the next 1 ½ years, NASA is adding the very addicting online gameAngry Birds Space Encounter” to their lineup of cosmic wonders in hope to attract the younger generation. The goal of the huge interactive exhibit is to allow kids to experience the creation of their own design of the game and play it at the station. “This could be a great venue for getting some physics and getting some math and getting some science into something that has the connotation as just an empty brain-draining video game that sucks out the creativity from the minds of young people,” Astronaut Donald Petti a chemical engineer told The Associated Press at the grand opening.

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Dance your way to Fitness!

We’ve all heard the expression “Time flies when you’re having fun.” This method applies to almost anything you do.  Work, education, recreational time and yes even staying fit.  By taking a break from the weights to breaking it down with the beat, you shed an easy 200-700 calories per hour.  Do this with friends and you have yourself a party.

Zumba, Salsa, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Belly Dancing are just a few different types of dance you can experiment with to boost your metabolism while changing up your regular routine.  Don’t knock it until you try it!


  • Visit an Expert!  – Not everyone has the ability to just pick up and go.  Going to a class will allow you to take pressure off yourself since everyone is trying to learn it and make mistakes together.
  • View it and Do it! – Another option to consider if you are not ready yet to start attending class, is to purchase the DVD and do it at home.  You get the comfort of being in a comfortable setting while not having to drive home after pouring sweat after a session.
  • Game On! – If you have the Wii or Xbox Kinect, then why not buy the Dance4 game, Dance Dance Revolution, Zumba etc.  This allows you to bring more people in the mix and compete against each other for points, and bragging rights.

Dancing allows you to shock your body in a way that weight training and even cross fit/cardio training won’t do.  It allows you to do it in a setting that is relaxed and fun without the concerns of meeting a certain amount of repetition or goal.

It’s a great way to change your routine in an environment that is meant to be fun and full of energy.  It’s even a great place to meet new friends.


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Why were attracted to funny people


Let’s face it, it’s better to have a conversation with a funny person vs. having one with half a personality.  Being around someone that has a lively personality and doesn’t mind making you laugh, makes your day a bit better, relaxes your nerves and is even an attraction factor.

From my own discussions with guys and girls growing up, they all believe that having a sense of humor is definitely up there with the qualities they are seeking in a partner.

So what is it about a person’s sense of humor that really places high on our charts?

The person is laid back – Being around an uptight person brings out worst in a setting.  However those who normally laughs all the time tends to take the relaxed approach and may normally be up to doing anything fun.

Increases the comfort level – No one likes being in an awkward situation.  That’s what happens when everyone is too serious to start a conversation.  Imagine what its like if you were in a relationship with a person that makes you feel like this in public.

Experience – People with a great sense of humor have often experienced hardship or survived something terrible that allows them to talk about in a different light.  Heck you can probably even ask them for advice.

Discards physical imperfections – A funny person doesn’t have to look like a super model.  A study from Northumbria University says that women are more likely to be attracted to men who have a good sense of humor, which has the power to overlook physical imperfections like beer bellies, and baldness.

Intelligence – Being funny can often be associated to being smart since the person has to portray the joke or story it in their own point of view while displaying it to us in a way that we understand as funny.

There are probably many other examples as to why we are attracted to those who cracks us up. Next time you’re out on a date, pay attention to see if these examples qualify the person to be attractive through your eyes.


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China predicted to surpass US by 2016


China predicted to overtake US - A Game of LifeWe are slowly losing the battle for economic dominance in comparison to our fellow counterparts around the world. Researchers from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) from Paris stated that China’s economy will be larger than the combined economies of the Europe countries by the end of 2013, and will overtake the US by the end of 2016.

If you think that’s huge, they also believe that by 2025, the combined GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of China and India will be larger than the combined GDP of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, US and Canada.

What this could mean for the US is that while the GDP will continue to grow by 3% each year for the next 5 decades, Inequalities will still persist, even though people in the poorest countries see their income quadruple by 2060, with those living in China and India seeing a more than a seven times its increase. This was their prediction on why China is being viewed as the best economic country in the world.

While experts feel that these rising imbalances could undermine growth, countries may change their direction by re-evaluating its current process on how they handle labor and production regulations.  Ultimately this effects how businesses handle their employees in their respected parts of the world.


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