DIY Face Moisturizer

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Easy Face Moisturizer – Do It Yourself for combination skin and the rest!
This is a concoction I came up with for myself, since I have very sensitive skin and I also easily break out. I made this up also to find a median in DIY facial moisturizers; my goal was to come up with one that most people can use no matter what type of skin they have, provided they don’t have certain allergies or other medical conditions that would prevent them from using the following ingredients.
I do not understand why some creams that promise to repair overnight or make the skin younger looking, or is claimed to be able to work under make-up are so thick and heavy. I’d rather reapply a wonderful product throughout the day rather that have goop on my face that will sit on my skin and be a magnet for dust and dirt.
You will need rose water. You can make your own by gathering 1 cup of rose petals, 1 cup of distilled water; and boiling the rose petals for about an hour in the distilled water. Set this aside to cool. Be careful of the roses you use as some may contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Ask the florist or buy organic from you local farmers market. You can also buy ready made rosewater over the internet. Just make sure you always get the purest for your skin. You do not need a lot as homemade beauty products will not have a long shelf life. Every time you create homemade skin care products, you will always create a batch for you to last before it expires. It’s better this way because you know you are always getting fresh product.
You will need ¼ cup lemon, 2 capsules of vitamin E, 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil (food grade) and ¼ cup rice water. The rice water is made by washing ½ a cup of uncooked white rice, on the second rinse, pour 1 cup of water and take the water the rice was rinsed in, that will be your rice water.
Mix all your ingredients together in a blender. Store in an empty bottle, or in a couple of those travel size cosmetic bottles that can be bought at Wal-Mart or other supermarket stores. This product is enough to use about twice a day for a couple of weeks. Discard any leftovers after the second week, but you should have finished it by then.
Be careful of allergies or other medical conditions that might do you harm when using any of these mentioned products.