Is this serious? Acknowledging your relationship beyond dating


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If you’re asking yourself this question, it’s a good sign that you’re curious to know your next step. In today’s modern dating, access to helping you solve this question often gets diluted from websites giving you a range of 20 to 100 things to consider if your serious about taking your relationship to the next level. Instead, we’ll just cut right to the chase and tell you what to consider from a man and woman’s point of view.

It’s really a question about your comfort level with your ‘Relationship Status.” A rule of thumb to consider is your loyalty to your partner in these terms “You’re their only person in this relationship, and they’re yours.” If you’re both find with that, Congratulations! You’re both now in an exclusive relationship! From a man’s point of view, this means asking yourself the simple question, can you see yourself committed to “JUST” your partner. Simple right? I’m not intending to make it sound negative, but over complicating it will not help you or your partner. And just in case you’re still not sure, this means no fooling around with any other person. If it deems worthy of cheating in your mind, most likely, it probably is.

From a woman’s point of view, it’s really a matter of accepting the opinions of those around you viewing you both as an “ITEM”, and no longer available on the market. For example, let’s say your partner says they want to take it slow and see what happens. From a woman’s perspective, this means that she’s yours “UNTIL” she finds someone that’s looking for something more to offer. If you’re ready to commit, do so, or else you may lose her to another prospect without even realizing it.

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