Happy Anniversary to your Cell Phone!

Who remembers the show Saved by the Bell? If you’ve been fortunate enough to be around in the late 80s’s and early 90s, you probably also remember the multiple episodes where Zack Morris made calls on his infamous brick cell phone.  What you may not be aware of is that this is the 40th anniversary of the invention of the 1st cell phone by Motorola.  In 1983, the first version of the mobile phone was invented.  These bad boys cost about $4,000.


Then in 1989, Motorola came out with the smaller, lighter MicroTAC flip phone, shortly followed by the 3.1-ounce StarTAC in 1996, the first cell phone with the clamshell design.

This technology was then re evolved in 2002. Phones now had the ability to send email and text messaging. Sanyo brought out the first cell phone with a built-in camera, the SCP-5300, released in the U.S. by Sprint.

In 2007, the iPhone added various built-in sensors and a large touch screen.  Apple was the first cell phone to have its own operating system, iOS, which offered multitasking and graphics.

Since then, the technology giants are looking to solve other smart phone issues such as battery issues and faster network speeds.  It’s just really cool to look back and see how far we have come and what our brilliant minds of this decade will do to expand our communications with the world.




The countdown to Apple’s newest invention the “iWatch”


Apple is in the works to try to re-invent time, literally.  There have been speculations on how the new “iWatch” would redefine the use of this basic but important device.  The company has gone as far as filing scores of patents that include the word “wrist”.  In their bat cave, there are rumors that Apple head designer Jon Ives has been working with 100 product designers on the new invention.

So what can we as consumers hope to see with the new iWatch? Well aside from telling time, speculation features include the ability to check map coordinates (great for trips and outdoor events), along with the normal features you would see in a normal watch like pedometer, heart rate monitor.  The 2 features that will really set this apart from any others is the capability to download other applications and make phone calls.

Now before you go trading in your smart phone, keep in mind that there are some issues that may go along with these great features.  1 – Battery life.  Unlike your current watch, the iWatch requires a lot of battery to handle all these upgrades.  Apple doe use a device (iPod nano) that may have the same functionalities that can be altered a bit to power the iWatch but there has not been a concrete answer on how it will support functions the same way the smart phones do.  2 – Upgrades.  Think back to the very first iPhone and all the issues that came with the first model.  It may very well take 4-5 version upgrades before we could see a very cool device.

One thing is certain; Apple will break barriers again if they are able to pull this off.  Best known for their innovation, this product will not only be a hit with a lot of loyal Apple brand followers, but would definitely increase their target market if its as good as we think it will be.  Stay Tuned!