What Motivates You?


Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself this question? A few days ago I was asked this question in a group discussion regarding “Work & Life Balance”.  The instructor asked us to scale on a paper what were the factors that took up most of our time.  The typical answers were work at 40%, personal time 15%, family time 15% and misc being 30%.  When asked how we would like to spend our time most were in agreement that they wanted a larger percentage for family (40%-50%) 30% for work and 20% for personal time.

During this time, I thought about all the things I am currently engaged in on a daily, weekly, monthly basis:

  • Work
  • School
  • Exercise
  • Clean House
  • Blog
  • Rec. Time i.e. sports, reading, pc gaming, playing with the kids etc.

Then I thought about all the things I would like to do or add to my list:

  • Play and instrument (Guitar/Piano)
  • Learn another language
  • Read more books
  • Go on vacation

So what can we do to help keep us motivated enough to do what we like to do vs. what we have to do?

Get Support – My prior articles related to the average guy states that the best way to get into something is to join a group doing the same thing you are doing.  A few examples of this is workout classes, or hobby groups like a reading group or social gathering.  Look towards those friends and family who are there to listen and help.

Don’t talk negative about yourself – instead use productive self talk to overcome the challenges.  For example instead of saying “my life is crazy. It’s out of control.”  Say “Things are really hectic right now.  But I know I can cope.  I’ve done it before.”

Reduce Unproductive Guilt – To help with this, surround yourself with encouraging friends and family members.

If it helps try to think about all the things your grateful for.  For me it’s:

Finally, think about your support wheel.  These are individuals that you are comfortable to sharing your feelings and concerns.  Think about what makes them good for support.  Do they provide service that you can’t do on your own? Are they good listeners because they understand your concerns? Are they good at making you laugh? Write down or keep these individuals in mind as well as how they make you feel.  So the next time you need motivation and support you already know who to call.