The Value of Marketing to your Business Sales

In any Industry, marketing plays an essential piece to informing your consumers that you are here.

An article written by Scott Gillum “How Marketing Impact Sales Performance” states that some of the key functions of Marketing are:


Increased opportunities in sales due to marketing support – In short, by having effective marketing support, it will aid in consumer’s awareness of the product or service available.

Sales Coverage – Consumers are often asked where they saw the ad within a set range of time (90 days). With effective marketing activity, sales will increases the larger perception range of the product or service.  In return, it allows the sales to understand where the market trend is and who is responding to their efforts.

Sales enablement – Finally, marketing identifies any shifting in the consumer’s buying patterns.  Effective marketing strategy can classify consumers based on competitor pricing and target market.  This give any industry leader the ability to review their own products/service and see if they can match or beat out everyone else in their vertical.