Smartwatch Technology…Who will capture the market first?


As consumers continually wait for the anticipated smart watch to emerge from Apple, rumors are now spreading that Samsung is also in the race.  As Apple’s biggest competitor in the Smart Phone Market, Samsung has stated that they have been in their labs devising a plan to create the next highly contested gizmo in the industry.

In the past, a wristwatch was merely a simple device that told the time, but now several big players such as Google and Microsoft along with Apple and now Samsung are introducing much more than timepieces.

Though no company has provide a deep dive in what their product will be doing, Its exciting as a consumer to see if these big rig companies can make smaller devices with the same functionalities as  the tablets and smart phone do now.

Some key highlights of the advanced watches in their time were Casio’s calculator watch in the 80s, the heart rate monitors for fitness in the 90s, and more recently the Wimm One Watch, that gets updates from WiFi on the hour; the MetaWatch, that allows its wearers to get email and SMS alerts; and Sony’s SmartWatches that offers applications for music, emails and browsing social updates.



The countdown to Apple’s newest invention the “iWatch”


Apple is in the works to try to re-invent time, literally.  There have been speculations on how the new “iWatch” would redefine the use of this basic but important device.  The company has gone as far as filing scores of patents that include the word “wrist”.  In their bat cave, there are rumors that Apple head designer Jon Ives has been working with 100 product designers on the new invention.

So what can we as consumers hope to see with the new iWatch? Well aside from telling time, speculation features include the ability to check map coordinates (great for trips and outdoor events), along with the normal features you would see in a normal watch like pedometer, heart rate monitor.  The 2 features that will really set this apart from any others is the capability to download other applications and make phone calls.

Now before you go trading in your smart phone, keep in mind that there are some issues that may go along with these great features.  1 – Battery life.  Unlike your current watch, the iWatch requires a lot of battery to handle all these upgrades.  Apple doe use a device (iPod nano) that may have the same functionalities that can be altered a bit to power the iWatch but there has not been a concrete answer on how it will support functions the same way the smart phones do.  2 – Upgrades.  Think back to the very first iPhone and all the issues that came with the first model.  It may very well take 4-5 version upgrades before we could see a very cool device.

One thing is certain; Apple will break barriers again if they are able to pull this off.  Best known for their innovation, this product will not only be a hit with a lot of loyal Apple brand followers, but would definitely increase their target market if its as good as we think it will be.  Stay Tuned!


Fitness motivation through the use of technology

For most of us, technology plays a big part on our day to day activities.  You would think that in the year 2013, we would have it all by now based on movies and sitcoms we watched like “Back to the Future & Star Trek”.  Don’t get me wrong, technology is definitely faster than how it was a decade ago.  Yet as fast as it’s moving, we are no where near the age where we have a “Magic Button” that will give us the body we want in instantaneously.


The good news is we are definitely using it more to track our progress, get the encouragement and feedback from others, and provide music depending on our workout routine to help us stay motivated.

I read an article (it’s a bit old) from this really great website called that talks about women using technology to inform their friends on the status of their weight loss.

I am a believer that with the right mix of mental toughness, consistency and support, anyone can transform their body.  Below is a list of items on how technology can help you stay motivated:

1-      Post your goals in social media– Regardless if you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, My Space, etc, you can gain supporters just by taking the first step to post what you’re trying to accomplish.  From a 5k to a Marathon, to losing pounds or building muscle, keeping everyone updated on your status is a sure way to stick to a goal.

2-      Keep an online diary (blog) – Having a timeline on what workouts you did on a specific date will allow people to see your progression.  This is key; it’s like reading a book or watching a daily/weekly show where those following you are anticipating your updated results.

3-      Join a virtual group – Being part of a group that does activities similar to yours is a great way to stay motivated to exercise.  You comment on how good they are doing or their recent pictures and you can do the same.  This allows you to maintain what I call a “link or connection” with others who have the same mindset as you.

4-      Turn your phone to a coach – if you are one of the millions of people who have converted to a smart phone, you’re in luck! Most phones have access through millions of applications you can download for coaching tips on exercise routines.  This is great if you are at the gym and need a digital trainer to tell you how many more reps or sets you need to do, or how much time you have left before that workout is finished.

5-       Posting pictures of the food you eat – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this, but it does work.  By posting your pre and post workout meals, shakes, etc.  You show your others how you take care of your body.  We all know that fitness is 2 parts (Exercise and Nutrition), if you only do one, you’re not giving yourself the best chance to reach your goal at an optimum peak.

6-      Plan your workout – Gone are the days when a person brings a folder or binder with them to the gym to check off the workouts they just finished.  Just Kidding, I still see plenty of people doing this.  But why haul a binder around when you can just upload it to your notes or tasks in your smart phones.  Make your life easy; don’t carry so many things that you may just forget it accidentally in the gym or outdoors.

Regardless if we are a fitness monster or just starting out, we all can use a little motivation.  By using technology to spread the word of our progress to fitness success, we inspire each other to get out and get active.