Overnight Relaxing Face Mask

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Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

I see people sleep with cucumbers or teabags on their eyes, and overnight face masks. I have never tried any overnight treatment, until I came up with this one. First of all this is very light and we are going to use the rule, that a little goes a long long way. It’s probably not good to leave anything on your skin on that long anyway, plus you don’t want anything too sticky because let’s face it, it’s uncomfortable. We are going to go for a convenient one this time around, minimal, not messy but meaningful to the skin and mild enough to be a nightly ritual.
First you will need an eye mask. We will skip out on tea bags and cucumbers. Ulta has a couple of types of eye masks for only $6. One is just a plain cooling eye mask with the liquid inside that you can chill before using it, and the other type is a lavender eye mask with removable lavender packets that you can warm or chill before using it. Either one is good, but I like the diversity of the lavender packets, plus if you are going to use this with your nightly regimen, might as well take advantage of the calming effects of lavender to help you wind down.
I don’t recommend heavy, thick creams or oils overnight because it could just do more harm by clogging your pores. I wouldn’t recommend using ingredients that have an astringent effect like honey, lemon, or citrus this can cause drying of the skin that can lead to blemishes as well. Essential oils shouldn’t be directly applied to the skin better yet left over night, so what do we have left? Water, nutrient infused water for our skin. We will make a simple light mister, and you can leave this on your bedside and apply as desired.

You will need one 8 ounce spray bottle, 4 ounces distilled water (or mineral water), 1 vitamin E capsule (for its contents), 4-6 organic rose petals, ½ teaspoon green tea (or chamomile or red tea), 1 tbsp Japanese sake (or red wine). In the spray bottle add the water, vitamin E, sake, rose petals, tea, and shake well before each spray. Simple as that! So when you go to bed tonight put on your eye mask and sprits your face with this natural face overnight rejuvenator. Use it as often as you desire or can remember, even a couple of times throughout the night. Remember to be cautious of food allergies or medical conditions. Discard any leftovers after 2 weeks.