Winter make up and skincare 101

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When the season gets cold, dry skin becomes a problem, due to the weather and due to us turning on that hot shower and making it harder on our skin. During winter the best thing to remember to do that will do your skin a favor is moisturize moisturize moisturize. These times I keep body lotion everywhere, in the car, in my purse, in my desk, in the bathroom, in the kitchen beside the hand soap and by my bedside. All you need is to buy the minis or travel size to last through the season. Or you could always make your own from scratch.

For cracked heels, apply Vaseline to your feel and wear socks overnight, do this as a ritual if you are prone to cracked heels like me during the winter. It’s the safest, least damaging and expensive effective prevention and cure.

During the cold season, is the time I put less make up on. Hoping this could work for you, I do this because piling on product just makes the skin drier. Not having any make up on just moisturizer, the cold make my cheeks flush naturally and I get a natural healthy glow. So, it would be ideal and practical to use a tinted moisturizer with spf rather than regular make up. Carry Chap Stick for touch ups in between lipstick. During the day use silver eye shadow on the corner of your eyes, black eyeliner, lipstick in a berry hue that will match your skin tone. For makeup transformation to night, reapply moisturizer, add dark blue or purple eye shadow, retouch your eyeliner and retouch your lipstick. If your eyes are smoky lay the lipstick color on light, if you decide to use light eye shadow or stick to silver, then for your lips add drama by lining the outer parts with lip liner that is darker than the color of your lipstick.