Ladies Basic Winter Wardrobe 101

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When picking out clothes I keep everything basic so if I have a statement piece, I know my wardrobe can support it no matter what the color or style is. But before taking fashion risks, since winter is here, and the economy is slow, there are a few items that you must have for a stylish winter this season, and you might already have some of these pieces.
One pair of black leather knee high boots. A pair of dark denim skinny jeans. A solid colored cashmere sweater. A leather motorcycle jacket in black or dark brown.

Remember when it’s cold layer it! You can build a weeks’ worth of wardrobe around knee high boots and skinny jeans by wearing it with a mini skirt on top, or a short dress, and a cardigan on top. For a casual night out build your wardrobe around your leather motorcycle jacket by wearing black leggings, some ankle high converse shoes or black

Mary janes topped with a dress or knee length skirt, you can even accessorize and put on a skull cap and matching scarf. You can build a wardrobe around your cashmere sweater by wearing some dress pants and oxford shoes, a scarf. If your cardigan is long wear a short jacket on top, for a bold and sexy look. Or go contemporary with dress pants, loafers, cowl neck sweater.

Depending on how cold it gets where you live, you may need to pile up on thermal undergarments. If you live in tropical climate where winter is just like spring and a break from the scorching sun, then play with autumn and winter colors like navy blue, red, burnt orange, maroon, olive green, plum purple, cream on black and grey. Or don’t change your wardrobe but just change you accessories by swapping out open toed sandals to closed toed black pumps, swap out the mesh or canvas tote for a dark leather, suede, wool or velvet purse. Ditch the white belt for a solid black or red belt. And add the practical accessories made for winter like scarves, hats and gloves; these are always fun to play around with.

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